Soundcloud vs Bandcamp

While it’s easy to find place to put written content on the web, audio content is less easy than just using a blogging site like WordPress. Podcasts have an entire ecosystem of hosting providers, aggregators, etc. But what about the other stuff like field recordings, ambiances, and other audio? Content that’s not exactly a podcast, … Continue reading “Soundcloud vs Bandcamp”

Solving the Mutli-Channel Audio Detected error using MixPre with FiLMiC Pro

So you’ve got your Sound Devices MixPre recorder and you want to connect digitally to your iPhone to get some audio into FiLMiC Pro. You connected a USB-A cable between the phone and recorder (because if you use USB C your phone ends up powering the recorder, which sucks, and a USB-A cable allows your … Continue reading “Solving the Mutli-Channel Audio Detected error using MixPre with FiLMiC Pro”

Zoom H1n As Only Recorder

In late 2021 we took a trip to my wife’s childhood home of Miami, Florida. We spent several days see some sites, visiting some folks, and spending time with her mother. After the trip to Maine earlier that year where I brought the MixPre6ii and multiple mics, I decided to try the other end of … Continue reading “Zoom H1n As Only Recorder”


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