Zoom H1n As Only Recorder

In late 2021 we took a trip to my wife’s childhood home of Miami, Florida. We spent several days see some sites, visiting some folks, and spending time with her mother. After the trip to Maine earlier that year where I brought the MixPre6ii and multiple mics, I decided to try the other end of … Continue reading “Zoom H1n As Only Recorder”

Recording lighthouses

What do you do when your spouse wants to see a bunch of lighthouses? Well if you’re me you record them! And since we’re on vacation I’m trying to record the trip in the same sort of way that a photographer or videographer would. Getting family banter is easy. Getting good sounding family banter while … Continue reading “Recording lighthouses”

More on The Strut Case

I decided to take the strut case on our trip, and it’s working out fairly well. I’ve got the Talent cell in the bottom battery wrap, and it’s had more than enough power for my needs. The AT4022 is plugged into mic 4, and I can keep the mic wrapped under the cover for storage, … Continue reading “More on The Strut Case”

Scrapsounding? Sonic Journalism? Snapsounds?

In photography we call it photojournalism, but in audio is it sonic journalism? If scrapbooking is arranging photos into an album, does it become scrap sounding when you do it with audio recordings? Do snapshots become snapsounds?

My guitar practice routine

Current situation & goals I’m learning travis picking, and I’m getting through Mark Hanson’s second book, The Art of Solo Fingerpicking (affiliate link), along with a few tunes from other places. Right now my short term goal is to learn a basic repertoire of tunes I can perform. Not soloing, improvisation, songwriting, etc. Those will … Continue reading “My guitar practice routine”


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